A bit about the Wiley Job Network…..

Though I am doing my best to be as impartial as possible in my musings, its only fair to declare my vested interest!

As the world’s largest medical and scientific society publisher, Wiley’s Job Network is a very different proposition from other recruitment platforms on the market.

Wiley publish 1600 journals across a range of specialist areas, which attract over 13 million visitors every month and jobs posted by our clients are targeted, contextually, alongside relevant journal content.

Unlike other platforms, we are able to target the best passive candidates alongside the content that they rely on as part of their career development.

For example: if a pharmacologist visits the British Journal of Pharmacology online, they will see our client’s relevant jobs appearing next to the articles.

You can see this in practice here:

In addition to contextual targeting we also provide access to candidates in their professional communities. As well as numerous industry web portals, Facebook and LinkedIn, our jobs are sent out to 32 Twitter acounts totalling over 150,000 followers.

You can see an example of our client’s jobs appearing on the Twitter feed of Germany’s leading chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie here.

For a comprehensive list of our journals you can visit the home page of Wiley Job Network (www.wileyjobnetwork.com), and click on the linked categories under Related Publications from Wiley.

For a further dicussion about WJN, you can contact me directly at: acrowley@wiley.com or on 01243 772 016

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